Album Review: Sleep Thieves - Heart Waves

Really enjoyable debut album from Electronic popstars Sleep Thieves.

There's much to admire in 'Heart Waves', the debut album by Sleep Thieves. The songs are little catchy indie pop songs which never outstay their welcome. The best track for me is the single from last year 'City Lights' with an intro which actually sounds like city lights twinkling in the night. Other highlights include 'Hope is Dead' and 'Impersonator'.

I seen Sleep Thieves live last year and by a mile the best aspect of the band is Sorcha's vocals which really suits the catchy pop songs. While I'm not a big fan of electronic music there's very little on the album I didn't get. I think some tracks would have benefited from the inclusion of a real drum kit but that's no major criticism.

While I admire the album I still can't say I'm a massive fan of the genre. Based on the album Sleep Thieves are doing a great job in trying to turn me on to Electronic pop music!

Sleep Thieves - Heart Waves [9 out of 12]

Sleep Thieves - City lights by wearesleepthieves