Single Review: The Riot Tapes - Photograph

Photograph is the first release from Dublin band The Riot Tapes and it's a pretty tasty tune that showcases their energy and talent.

I do echo what Harmless Noise wrote about The Riot Tapes in that you have to have a perspective that The Riot Tapes are a young band who not long making music together. The band have a respectable online profile and are their own PR machine! The buzz they've manufactured for themselves is however backed up by wonderful guitar based pop which is designed to make life seem sweeter.

Elaine's vocals are quality throughout the single 'Photograph' and the lyrics are catchy. The guitar riffs build up nicely to the chorus which along with the drum-beat almost makes it impossible not to nod your head or tap your foot. Yes ... yes it's radio friendly indie pop which reminds me a little of Texas with a splash of Garbage but that's good .... isn't it?

Check out the single and if you really like you can go buy it through i-tunes.

The Riot Tapes - Photograph (single) by the riot tapes