Amhrán Gach Lá - Nina Hynes

I've written this on Friday knowing full well that last night at the Irish Blog Awards one of two things happened. Either Harmless Noise or this blog get even more recognition for their hard work or the Irish Blog Awards will slap the back of the establishment.

I may in fact be happier if Nay gets the award than this blog. Even though our musical tastes barely overlap Harmless Noise is essential daily reading for anyone wanting to hear new Irish music.

Here's a beautiful tune from an artist we both share a passion for!

11 Turn on by ninahynes


mp3hugger said…
Back well and truly slapped.
Nay said…
Oh Peter, I just saw this Yeah it was a shit buzz in Belfast all right. I'd really hoped to see you do well...I said to Ronan that I can't argue with the scoring system in place, unlike the debate methods of awards such as the choice, but all in all, despite a very nervous/disappointing weekend, I'm over it now. I just don't really care. What matters is the respect of readers who return loyally and share work, and spread word, and basically make it worthwhile. Awards are nice (especially since we became organisers) but I really do feel like there's no point even thinking about what could or didn't happen.

What did and does happen is that every day there's great music to hear and people who want to know about it. The buck stops there for me now.

But thanks dude. You're a good guy :)