Amhrán Gach Lá - Damien Dempsey

With Valentine's Day over we turn our attention to St. Patrick's Day next month where Damien Dempsey will be performing an acoustic show in The Ashbourne House Hotel for the reasonable sum of €22.50.

It's most certainly an opportunity to 'Sing All Your Cares Away'

I also noticed that Damien is to star in an Irish movie called 'Between The Canals'. If you check out the trailer you'll notice it isn't a light-hearted comedy!


Ronan said…
Jesus, that poster is Godawful.

But Paddy's Night is the perfect time for a Damo gig!
Barry said…
I think I might take the Skoda up there for the evening. Get away from the usual looperness of Paddys day in Dublin.
Unknown said…
Yeah it's a bad auld poster alright! I'm confused with the unplugged statement .... assuming it means acoustic! Can't imagine it being completely unplugged!
Anonymous said…
can't think of a better way to spend Paddy's night.