Review of 2010

How was 2010 for you?

If I'm being honest I'd say 2010 was personally a great year. Many good things happened this year. However I'm in the minority in Ireland and share many of the same worries that affect people in Ireland today. So feck your IMF, feck your Fianna Fail and feck your recession I got music in my life!

Here's my musical highlights!

Top 3 Live Performances [From an Irish Band]

Even with the addition of four new venues [Workman's, Grand Social, Mercantile & Ulysses] I simply didn't get to many gigs. Here's the top three [excluding Boyles in Slane & Vantastival]

1. The Frames - Vicar Street

2. Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Crawdaddy [with support from Maud in Cahoots]

December by The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra by sillygooserecords

Maud in Cahoots - Push Me Under min sample by Pop Culture Monster

3. Clockwork Apple Weekender


Sweet Jane,
The Ghandies,
Little Xs For Eyes,
Jennifer Evans

Uncomfortable word by Jennifer Evans

Top 3 Bands at Vantastival

1. Valerie June [from Memphis and a wonderful talent]

2: Arrow in the Sky

3: The Bionic Rats

Wah Wah by the bionic rats

Top 5 Performances at the Slane Castle Whiskey Presents 'Live at Boyles'.

1: The Lonely Schizophrenic - [Feb & July]

2: The Dirty 9s - [April & Nov]

3: The Whiskey Limbs - Jan

4: Fiach - April

5: Preachers Son - Dec

X For Sandra by Preachers Son

Top 3 Blogposts of the Year:

1: Swear I'm Not Paul's massive post where you can listen to part of every Irish album released this year.

2: Elaine's Interview with I Am Not Lefthanded from last April on Rarities, B-Sides & Other Stuff which is both genuine and informative:

3: Nay's critique of Kopek's video 'Love is Dead'. No one can cut to shreds so eloquently as Nay!

2010 was the year for band name changes!

John, Shelly & The Creatures have become 'Master & Dog'
Hoarsebox have become 'This Club'
Meath's excellent band 'The Dolldrums' became 'Red Queen Contest' and another great Meath band 'The Dls' became 'Youth Mass'

False Starts - Youth Mass by Clockwork Apple

Top 5 Music Videos

I don't check out official music videos as much as I should! Here's the top five videos I got to see over the year:

1. The Minutes - Fleetwood

2. The Ambience Affair - Devil in the Detail

3. Jennifer Evans - Scattered

4. Herm [ft Nina Hynes] - Year of the Horse

5. Reader's Wives - Victor's Mother Juliet

Top 12 Songs of the Year

1 [A]: Resurrection Fern - Brothers

1 [B]: Preachers Son - Lipstick

1 [C]: Bill Coleman - Church of Second Chances

Church of Second Chances by bcoleman

2: The Blue Choir - What If I Could Be The One?

3: Peter Doran - Pathways

4: Terence Rowlands - Red Sunrise

5: Pearse McGloughlin - Morning Mist [For The Birds]

6: Tiger Cooke - Out of Reach

7: I Am Not Lefthanded - The Place That Won't Take Me Back

The Place That Won't Take Me Back by I Am Not Lefthanded

8: Seán Kangataran - Don't Bet On Beauty

9: Eric Eckhart - Lost

10: Keith Mullins - Mistakes

Top 5 EPs of the Year

1. I Am Not Lefthanded - Time To Leave

2. A Band Called Wanda - Roses Are Still Red

3. BellaJane - No Strings Attached

BellaJane - Marionette by The Clink

4. Maria Byrne - All You Need

5. Strange Glue - Life in the Buslane

Top 10 Albums of the Year

1: Burning Codes - Burning Codes 2

2: Terence Rowlands - Beta

Junkstore by Terence Rowlands

3: Ham Sandwich - White Fox

4: Bill Coleman - You Can't Buy Back Your Love

5: Keith Mullins - The Great Atlantic

6: Peter Doran - Sleepless Street

Sleepless Street by PeterDoran

7: Sean Kangataran - Self-Titled

8: The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Lowering The Tone

9: Resurrection Ferm - Transend Mortality

10: Fia Rua - Falling Time

Gone but not forgotten section:

Goodbye to the following Bands


Alphastates - Sometimes by 2uibestow

Storybooks for Small Dogs

Vasco Junior,

Derek Nally RIP

Farewell to Road Records

Here's The Redneck Manifesto at The Road Records Farewell gig in The Button Factory.


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