EP Review: Pearse McGloughlin - Twine

Pearse McGloughlin will be releasing the follow up to his well acclaimed 2009 album 'Busy Whisper' in January 2011. It's a delightful EP and a real breath of fresh air.

It's been over a year now since I first heard and fell in love with Pearse's melodic indie sounds of 'Busy Whisper'. Even now I regularly go back to that album to listen to songs like 'Monkey's Paw' 'Partings' and the masterpiece 'Passion Song'. Pearse has released the follow up through Bandcamp for a 'Name Your Price' transaction. It's available from now even though it will take some time for the EP to hit radio stations and media outlets.

'Twine' is a short EP of three songs consisting of the title track, 'Morning Mist (The Birds)' and 'Mercedes and the Kingfisher'. The song 'Twine' continues the haunting melodic sounds through the strings and them wondrous backing vocals. 'Morning Mist' is probably Pearse's most uptempo track with that infectious refraining line 'For The Birds'. The EP finishes with the stripped back sound of Pearse with guitar and them delicate vocals.

Pearse McGloughlin - Twine [11 out of 12]