Album Review: Skibunny - Hugs

Electro/alternative Belfast band Skibunny release their debut album this week on Small Town America label. It's a fine pop album from a genre I normally avoid with a passion.

Listening and reviewing 'Hugs' the debut album from Skibunny reminds me of the time I reviewed the second Super Extra Bonus Party album. I massively enjoyed that album as both background music and as an album which deserved attention. It's the very same with 'Hugs'. The album is full of charm and is likeable from the beginning. I would never have thought I'd write that about an Electro band. I will probably spend a lot of time at Hard Working Class Heroes this year avoiding similar bands because they invariably miss the charm factor which Skibunny have.

The album 'Hugs' works because the electro beats compliment Tanya's fine voice without being intrusive. The cover version of The Afghan Whigs 'Milez is Dead' is a real musical highlight as I'm a massive fan of the original. The track 'Sun Sun Sun' contains nice harmonies and a killer chorus. The album opens with the fine 'Ah-Ooh' which you can get as a free download here: The best track on the album is the beautifully sung 'Remember Me' (feat.James Chapman).

Skibunny - Hugs [9 out of 12]

Harmless Noise has kindly allowed me to share a Skibunny track 'Moving' on the blog.

Skibunny :: Moving by Harmless Noise

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Nay said…
Thanks for the link! I really love the Remember Me song too, was torn between that and Moving as an upload but went with the 'all their own' track in the end.

You hit the nail on the head tho. "Charm"...there's buckets of it.