List: The Best 25 Songs in the life of 2UIBestow [pt 5]

Here we are at 1000. A decent milestone in anyone's book. Thank you the reader for checking back on a regular basis. Here's the Top 5!

1. Terry Sutton - The Laughter

So yeah Terry's wonderful tune 'The Laughter' gets top spot. I suppose I'm highlighting the fact that it's simply wrong that Terry Sutton has a few great albums in him that have not been recorded and released. Almost every band and artist I compare to Terry Sutton and very few come close to what Terry has. His voice has great range, his lyrics always tell a story and his songs are perfectly delivered. Maybe someday soon I'll have a Terry Sutton album to review.


Terry Sutton - The Laughter by 2uibestow

2. I Am Not Lefthanded - Long Goodbyes

I love the guitar rift intro, them delicate vocals, the bass line, the build-up, the lyrics, the backing vocals .... etc .........


Long Goodbyes by I Am Not Lefthanded

3. Heritage Centre - You Are Something

Heritage Centre are a great band who have released a few brilliant singles in the last number of years. Last I heard from the band was they are recording their debut album in Canada. Looking forward to it!


Heritage Centre - You Are Something by 2uibestow

4. David Hope - Daybreak Someplace

'Daybreak Someplace' very much reminds me of an old folk song. It has wonderful lyrics, superb vocals and harmonies and sung with real vigour.


David Hope - Daybreak Someplace by 2uibestow

5. Iain Archer - Frozen Lake

I adore this song for the vocals, guitar rift and cello section that gives the song a haunting mood. It's such a beautiful tune.


Iain Archer - Frozen Lake by 2uibestow

6. Brian Canavan - Nightclubbin'
7. Pearse McGloughlin - Passion Song
8. Resurrection Fern - Brothers
9. The Pony Club - What Are You Angry For?
10. Bill Coleman - False North
11. One Day International - Miss Your Mouth
12. Miss Paula FLynn - Ghost in my Car
13. Eric Eckhart - Lost
14. Declan DeBarra - Beautiful One
15. Odi - Leaving My Love In New York
16: Ultan Conlon - Old & Wise
17: Arrow in the Sky - Verbal Waltz
18: Maria Byrne - All You Need
19: The Chapters - Videotapes
20: Sean Needham - I'm Not Afraid
21: Herm - Rearrange
22: Peadar King - Wanted Something
23: Peter Doran - Pathways
24: The Whiskey Limbs - Love Song
25: Junah - Walk Me To The Ground


Ronan said…
Amazing top 5. Was not expecting that #1. Delighted to see IANL at #2 though. Wonderful tune.