EP Review: The Blue Choir - Get Ready For War

This is a quality EP from a hugely talented band from Dublin/Kildare. It contains that one superb track which elevates the band above the ordinary.

In really simplistic terms if you can imagine a quirky frontman of an alternative rock band, say for example if Adrian Crowley fronted The Frames then you come close to what The Blue Choir offers. Their debut EP entitled 'Get Ready For War' contains five well written songs which are full of guile and passion you don't normally get from a band on their debut release.

The opening title track is full of heavy conscious thought, crashing guitars and full string section which highlights the ambition of the band. I love the guitar rift of the second track 'It Happens To Everyone'. Barry's vocals can be a bit muddled but for me it focuses the ears to sharpen in on the vocals that bit more. The other songs are more of the same except for that one great tune called 'What If I Could Be The One'.

I was fortunate to hear the track live before I heard it on the EP. Seeing a quality band performing a song with so much passion and class was very moving. The song itself has all the components of a great song. Good lyrics, refraining singalong chorus, quirky guitar rifts, crashing guitars and passionate vocals.

The Blue Choir - What if I Could Be the One by 2uibestow

The Blue Choir - Get Ready For War [10 out of 12]

More info: http://www.myspace.com/thebluechoir


Ronan said…
You had me at "Adrian Crowley fronting the Frames"