Peter Doran Invades 2UIBestow [Part 1]

Peter Doran is a Mullingar singer and songwriter of immense talent who is in the process of releasing his second album entitled "Sleepless Street". Check out for more details. This week I'm delighted that Peter has agreed to be the guest blogger.

First off, Thanks to Peter for inviting me along to share some thoughts with you this week. I am honoured.

When asked to lend my musings to the 2uibestow blog for this week, I got to thinking quite a bit about the Irish music scene, and my introduction to it about ten years ago.

I realised that one of my earliest memories as a gig-goer was going to see Mundy play in his home town of Birr some time around 1999. Jelly Legs, as far as I can recall, was freshly released.

I remember the night relatively clearly; it was a solo gig, Mundy was set up in the corner of the room, he played hard on his guitar and filled the air with song. The crowd in good spirits and voice gave their all in singing back. I hadn't started writing any of my own songs at this stage but I don't doubt that this show may have got the wheels turning on the concept!

The "Jelly Legs" album remains to this day my favourite Mundy release, boasting such song writing treasures as "Gin & Tonic Sky", "Reunion" and of course the wonderful "To You I bestow".

So, today I would like to share with you my interpretation of the song that gives this blog it's name.
I hope you enjoy it!

Speak soon,


Peter Doran - To You I Bestow (Mundy Cover) by 2uibestow


Paolo Giorgio said…
Great Song...Great Version...Well done....Love it.