Mixtape4Melfi invades 2uibestow [Part 1]

This week on the blog I'm bringing the best posts from my first blog 'Mixtape4Melfi' over to 2uibestow. With the IMRO thing I've decided to delete that first blog altogether from the internet archives!

When it was announced that The Frames were to play support to Neil Young in Malahide Castle I had to cover it on the blog:

A surprise addition to the Neil Young bill this Sunday in Malahide Castle.

I followed this up with a mini-review and setlist:

The band played for nearly an hour as the opening act for Neil Young in Malahide Castle. They were chuffed at getting the gig and at one stage told the crowd that they were in for a wonderful night as Neil Young were on top form during the soundcheck. I was delighted by the inclusion of 7 day mile, Fitzcaraldo and a new song Happiness.

Setlist in Full:

Red Chord
Seven Day Mile
The Moon
When Your Mind's Made Up
The Stars are Underground
Santa Maria

Followed by the posting of my first video clip from any artist on YouTube:

Shakey debut video from yours truely! Enjoy!


Ronan said…
Excellent post. This was actually the first thing I ever covered on my own blog - that Neil Young/Frames gig. Great times.
Jen said…
That was like the day I couldn't go to that bon jovi gig when I was 9; I was pissed off all day. I signed up to go to some stupid campaign thing in Stormont and couldn't convince someone to drive me from Dublin after the gig.
Thanks for reminding me of my bad mood that weekend :)