I Am Not Lefthanded Invades 2UIBestow [part 1]

I Am Not Lefthanded Invade 2UIBestow

I Am Not Lefthanded are busy. They're currently releasing their second EP, Time To Leave. They're also raising £15,000 to record a full-length album with the help of SliceThePie.com, posting a new free download every week on their website and gearing up for their first European and American tours later this year.

To try and share some insight as to how they're coping with the madness, they're invading 2UIBestow with a 5-part guide to holding on to your sanity in the modern music world.

I Am Not Lefthanded's Modern Music Industry Sanity Survival Guide (1/5)

1. Be honest

The music industry is changing faster than anyone can keep track of it. The basic costs of recording, manufacturing, distribution and promotion have dropped to almost nothing. You can get your music out into the world in a way that was never possible before. Unfortunately, so can everyone else. It's an amazing and terrifying time to be a musician. You get a chance to be heard by the largest possible audience, but you're also competing for their attention with every other band on the planet.

Ignore them. Make music for yourself.

We may do nothing else right, but we are honest. We want to make music that means something to us, that makes us feel alive. We won't write songs that try to sound like someone else, or that we think are what will sell, have great hooks or are what people want to hear. There are already far too many people doing that, and it makes us sad. All you can do is find something true and try to express it. If it means something to us, it at least has a chance of meaning something to someone else.

So here is one of our songs that we enjoy playing the most at the moment. It's got fire in the belly. It just came out this way, we couldn't change it if we wanted to, although we're sure there are hundreds of A&R execs that would love to tell us how.

<a href="http://iamnotlefthanded.bandcamp.com/track/the-place-that-wont-take-me-back">The Place That Won't Take Me Back by I Am Not Lefthanded</a>

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Aidan said…
"We won't write songs that...we think are what will sell, have great hooks or are what people want to hear. There are already far too many people doing that, and it makes us sad."

That could have been lifted straight out of the script of an indie version of Spinal Tap.

"The place that won't take me back" is a good track though.
Daniel said…
I would pay good money to see that indie Spinal Tap ;-)

I think though, the main thing for me is intention - if you're trying to tell people what you think they want to hear, you're not going to please anyone.

Or maybe just not me!

- Daniel