The Swell Season - Vicar Street Review

I am completely ecstatic that Glen and Marketa have found impressive success in the music world. Their music has the ability to make me go from laughing to singing to crying in a matter of minutes. Glen's voice has never sounded so passionate. The band clearly enjoyed playing in their backyard and the return of The Frames favourites in the encore capped off a perfect evening.

Fallen From The Sky [Glen & Marketa]
Lies [G & M]
Low Rising [The Swell Season]
Feeling The Pull [TSS]
In These Arms [TSS]
The Rain [TSS]
The Moon [TSS]
If You Want Me [TSS]
Fantasy Man [TSS]
Say It To Me Now [Glen Solo]
Leave [G]
Paper Cup [G]
Astral Weeks [G]
Once [TSS]
When Your Minds Made Up [TSS]


The first three songs in the encore were sung with the help of the choir from Glen's old primary school Holy Spirit School in Ballymun.

Falling Slowly [G & M]
High Horses [TSS]
Star Star - O Holy Night - Christmastime in the Mountains [TSS]
Heyday [TSS]

Encore 2

Revelate [The Frames]
The Stars Are Underground [TF]
God Bless Mom [TF]
Lay Me Down [TF]
Fitzcaraldo [TSS]

Glen finished the night with The Parting Glass in honour of Liam Clancy RIP. The inclusion of The Holy Spirit Choir was sentimental and a tad over of the top. Redemption did come in the form of Star Star and those five classic songs from The Frames back catalogue. I was urging them to keep playing songs like Fake, Seven Day Mile, Finally, Angel at my Table, Dream Awake, Santa Maria .... and it made me think WOW.... can't wait for the next concert from 'The Frames'!

Here's a video clip of Say It To Me sung completely acoustically;