Best Irish Songs and Albums of 2009

That institute in the blogsphere Nialler9 is asking for people to nominate their top 10 albums of the year and top 10 songs of the year. All the details are here:

Here are my lists which I'm going to copy onto the comment section of the above post;

Top 10 albums of 2009

1. Declan DeBarra - A Fire To Scare The Sun
2. Lisa O'Neill - Has An Album
3. Martin Finke - Make Daylight
4. Miss Paula Flynn - Self-titled
5. Pearse McGloughlin - Busy Whispers
6. Alphastates - Human Nature
7. Iain Archer - To The Pine Roots
8. The Chapters - Perfect Stranger
9. SEBP - Night Horses
10. You Kiss By The Book - Bear Leader

Top 10 songs of 2009

1. Daybreak Somewhere by David Hope
2. Frozen Lake by Iain Archer
3. Bobby D by Lisa O'Neill
4. Passion Song by Pearse McGloughlin
5. I Will Protect You by Heritage Centre
6. Cossfire by Bill Coleman
7. Running out of Time by Henrietta Game
8. I'm Not Afraid by Sean Needham
9. Peace in my Mind by Wayne Brennan
10. Death of a Songwriter by Groom