2009 - A Review!

Happy 2010 to you all. Much appreciation to you the reader for kind words and comments which only help to encourage the progression of this blog!

How was 2009 for you?

Top 3 Songs of 2009

1. Daybreak Somewhere by David Hope
2. Frozen Lake by Iain Archer
3. Bobby D by Lisa O'Neill

Top 3 Albums of 2009

1. Declan DeBarra - A Fire To Scare The Sun
2. Lisa O'Neill - Has An Album
3. Martin Finke - Make Daylight

Top 3 Performances in The 2UIBestow Sessions in Boyles, Slane

1. Kiernan McMullen [June 4th]
2. Van Cleef [August 6th]
3. Junah [December 18th]

Top 3 Music Blogs

1. Swear I'm Not Paul
2. Mp3Hugger
3. Nialler9

Top 3 Bands/Artists in terms of Attitude and all round Cuteness!

1. I Am Not Lefthanded
2. Bobby Noonan
3. Brian Canavan

Top 3 Industry Friends of 2UIBestow

1. Swear I'm Not Paul
2. Bandwagon TV/Profile Music/Backroom Navan
3. GoodSeed PR

Top 3 Sessions Nights in Dublin

1. The Glór Sessions
2. The Zodiac Sessions
3. The Song Room

Top 3 Venues in Ireland [excluding Boyles]

1. The Backroom, Navan
2. The Sugar Club
3. Whelans [main room]

Top 3 Live Performances

1. Mark Geary - Whelans [Oct 6th]
2. Damien Dempsey - Ryans, Slane [August]
3. LiveMic Weekend - Conary, Wicklow [May]

Top 3 at HWCH

1. The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
2. A Plastic Rose
3. Heritage Centre

Top 3 Personal Moments

1. Glen Hansard supported Mark Dignam in Whelans and played an intimate 6 song set in front of maybe 80 people. So intimate I'd have felt like a knob taking out the camera for YouTube!

2. The Glor Sessions late in November was a mad mad night! There's an excellent review of the night here; http://theblogsthejob.blogspot.com/2009/11/glor-sessions-tonight.html Have a read and give yourself a laugh!

3. I felt really proud of myself when Ham Sandwich played to a packed Boyles to kick off our monthly sessions night in June.

Any and all suggestions on the improvement of the blog is most welcome. The 2UIBestow Sessions is becomming 'Live at Boyles' and it kicks off in 4 weeks on Jan 28th in Boyles, Slane.

Here's to a great 2010!


Unknown said…
Thanks Peter!... Keep up the great work!...
Ronan said…
Excellent post Peter. Some nice choices. Especially me... :D