Top 10 Irish Albums of the Decade

I seen the following over on Jim's blog;

"We at AU Magazine are in the process of putting together a poll of the Top Irish Albums of the Decade for our December/January issue.

We’d love OTR readers (and Irish Times staff!) to contribute - just compile a list of UP TO 20 albums released since January 2000 by artists from anywhere in Ireland, and email it to me - chris[at]

The deadline for entries is THIS MONDAY, November 23. Any queries about eligibility, please email me.

The results will be out towards the end of the first week in December"

Soooooo on impulse mainly here's my top 10:

Damien Rice - O

The Frames - For The Birds

Pony Club - Home Truths

Nick Kelly - Running Dog

No video found!

Bill Coleman - I'll Tear Down My Own Walls

Alphastates - Made in Sand

Brian Canavan - I'm An Electron, You're An Electron

Lisa O'Neill - Has An Album

Damien Rice - 9

Shaz Oye - Truth According to Shay Oye


Ronan said…
Wait til you see mine. It's obvious who'll be at number 1. :D
Peter N said…
i knew I shouldn't have done the list on impulse! I forgot about Skylarkin!
Unknown said…
BTW - Just listened to Diplomat by Pony Club "I’m sorry Love if I just came home too late
But there’s Tutsi children playing with hand grenades". Genius
Unknown said…
Also my favourites inc;ude Music in Mouth by BellX1 and Regeneration by Divine Comedy. In a drunken stupor I told Neil Hannon as much but was getting stuck into Cathy Davey at the time and didn't take much notice
shaz OYE said…
Thank you, I'm honoured.