Mark Geary - Live, Love, Lost It NYC [Album Review]

This will be a short review of Mark Geary's amazing live album Live, Love, Lost It NYC released last month. It really is an essential purchase if you're a Mark Geary fan, or if you want a compilation 'best of ...' or if you're a budding musician and want to learn from a true master.

It was recorded in The Scratcher New York and for the most part is just Mark his guitar and a chorus of fans very happy to sing all night long. Fellow Irish New York resident Brendan O'Shea helps out with some fine backing vocals. It's so stripped down you can easily hear glasses of bear and people shuffling in the audience which gives the recording a very organic feel.

The set list spans Mark's three albums. 'Suzanne' and 'Morphine' are notable omissions but as mentioned 'Live, Love ...' could be considered a mini Best Of compilation of Mark Geary's work to date. Standout tacks for me include the expanded 'Volunteer', 'It Beats Me' and the hilarious false start of 'See-Saw'.

Mark Geary - Live, Love, Lost It NYC [10 out of 12]

Here are the clips I took at the album launch in Whelans last month.