An Irish Halloween Mixtape

It does seem in Ireland that this year's Halloween is being celebrated like never before and I'm loving it. Here's an Irish Halloween mixtape! Some of the tunes are technically not written about Halloween but are included for atmospheric qualities.

1. And So I Watch You From Afar - Set Guitars To Kill

2. Ham Sandwich - Running Up That Hill [Live]

3. Pearse McGloughlin - Haunting Room

4. Shaz Oye - Blood on the Bone

5. David Hope - See The Ghost

6. Entheos - Ghost on the Stairs

7. Melophobia - Hurricanes & Gravestones (part 2)

8. The Angel Pier - Skulls & Xs

9. Jape - Haunt Me

10. Mumblin' Deaf Ro - Trouble Under A Murder Moon

11. Dave Geraghty - Cracked Skull

12. Jack L - The Devils

13. Shane MacGowan & Sinead O'Connor - Haunted

14. Murder Plan - The Dead (Tango)

15. God is an Astronaut - From Dust To The Beyond

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Ronan said…
Great work. Some gorgeous tunes on here.