HWCH's Day 1 Review

The best thing about day one of the Hard Working Class Heroes festival was that so many people were talking about Irish music. All the bands I seen were playing for their lives last night. Great night.


Aine O'Doherty formally known as the act 'Onya' from Donegal has recruited a fine band and are now 'NoLady'. They make cheeky alternative pop music which can easily be compared to The Sultans of Ping.

City of Angels http://www.myspace.com/cityofangelsdub

From NoLady the plan was to go straight to see the lovely Heathers but on my way past Twisted Pepper I heard a great voice and some decent alternative sounds. 'City of Angels' are a brand new band in that the gig last night was their forth ever concert. I got to hear about four tunes and I was massively impressed. I thought the vocals could have been louder but the four piece have a decent set up!

Heathers http://www.myspace.com/heatherswhatsyourdamage

I think due to an earlier band not making the festival Heathers were due to play until 9.30 but finished as soon as I took my first sip from my pint at 9.10. There was a great crowd in the new look Think Tank.

A Plastic Rose http://aplasticrose.wordpress.com/

Over to The Button Factory for Belfast's 'A Plastic Rose' who I knew nothing about. The set was amazing. The twin vocals on most of the songs work well for me as the distinct vocals compliment each other. The sound is probably as big as their ambition and will be a band to watch out for in the future.

Dark Room Notes http://www.darkroomnotes.com/

Staying in The Button Factory Dark Room Notes appeared to the large crowd and performed a decent set. As 'headliner' they didn't engage the crowd and I felt as though they were going through the motions. I really wanted to be impressed!

Heritage Centre http://www.myspace.com/heritagecentre

Of all the bands I really wanted to see this weekend Heritage Centre was the band I most wanted to see and they did impress me. I love their songs and live they have energy in abundance. I'm sure this band will become an international success.

Neosupervital http://www.myspace.com/neosupervital

I was delighted to enter Twisted Pepper and see a big crowd for Tim's electric sound of dance rock. I love the song Rachel which he performed and it was a real party atmosphere.

Murder Plan http://www.myspace.com/murder.plan

Not part of HWCHs but playing a free gig in the beautiful room upstairs in Le Cirk were Murder Plan. It's a tough task trying to describe their sound. Stephanie's voice is amazing and is their greatest quality. Their songs are really good, they have lots of energy and are excellent musicians.