The Swell Season - National Concert Hall [Review]

This was my 4th time seeing Glen & Mar in the past 14 months. I seen them before Neil Young in Malahide, in the Olympia before Christmas, in Vicar Street for the charity event and now in the most beautiful music room in the land. The National Concert Hall is the perfect venue for The Swell Season. Perfect sound, a listening audience and it's in their home town! The only drawback was the annoying ushers asking people to turn off their cameras. I waited until the encore to whip out my camera!

Here's the setlist from memory. Please correct my errors people!

This Low
When Your Mind's Made Up
Low Rising
The Moon
Feeling The Pull
High Horses
Leave (Glen Solo)
Hairshirt *REM cover (Glen Solo)
Strict Joy poem by James Stephens and read by Glen
Back Broke
In These Arms
I Have Loved You Wrong
Falling Slowly

If You Want Me
**** (Marketa sung a new song dedicated to her Dad whose birthday it was)
The Court of New Town (Colm solo)
Go With Happiness
Red Chord (Snippet of Drive All Night) (snippet of Heyday)

I know the above setlist is wrong. I think I missed out on at least one song in this list. It was a nice mix of old, new and nostalgia!

Go With Happiness

Red Chord with snippets of Springsteen's Drive All Night and Mic Christopher's Heyday!