Album Review: You Kiss By The Book - Bear Leader

This feature replaces Ruby Tuesday with Sunday's being be the new sounds day for the blog. I will feature new albums, new artists or a combination of both. The first featured band is You Kiss By The Book.

Phibsboro based You Kiss By The Book was formed by Simon Dowling sometime this decade. Apparently they sing about chopping wood, stones, sleep and bears. According to their breaking tunes page they sounds like Bright Eyes, Leonard Cohen, The Band and Wilco while their influences consist of Bill Callahan, Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst, Jim O'Rourke, Neil Young and Will Oldham.

They have released their new album Bear Leader which is the culmination of all their influences. I really like this album because in many ways it doesn't sound like an Irish album. Simon Dowling sings in the off key style of Conor Oberst and the mood and atmosphere of the album is very much Americana. Standout tracks are 'Hands On Water' 'Explorers' and the song 'Smile'.

You Kiss By The Book have created a wonderful album and I do feel privileged that I got to know about it through the writing of this blog. I'm thinking YKBTB will be at the forefront of the new folk scene in this country with the other great bands in this genre such as Arrow In The Sky, Henrietta Game and Armoured Bear.

Bear Leader - 10 out of 12