It's Friday, I'm in Love with Dr. Millar

This week's Love song comes from one of my favourite Irish songwriters Dr. Millar. For anyone reading this from outside Ireland you may know Dr. (Sean) Millar as the bank maneger who gives Glen and Marketa their loan in Once!

Sean has released three great albums, the last album from 2002 was Always Coming Home which is right up there as one of my favourite Irish Albums ever. That album brought moderate popular success to accompany the critical success that Sean enjoyed since 'The Bitter Lie' debut album.

Recent news from Sean is that he is planning an October tour, releasing new material on cassette and appearing on RTE regarding this:

"i'm delighted to say that my songcycle/musictheatre piece silverstars has been chosen for the 2009 dublin theatre festival
i'm thrilled
were just finishing casting at the moment and i'm finishing the last two pieces for it
its exciting
-and very hard work-
i was on the six o clock news talking about it tonight,wow"

.... taken from the Dr. Millar MySpace:

The great thing about this song is that it could easily have been written about the present time. The message is so strong. I love this song.

ive just got to find a way
to get some sweet relief
from all this pain and grief

everyone i know
is trying to survive
but we could live
feel everything and love yourself

you dont have to take that job
just because you feel to blame
for how you lost the other one

everyone i know etc

she doesnt have to take that man
just because she feels ashamed
of how she lost the other one

everyone i know etc

© baba records ltd 2002 under licence from Sean Millar