EP Review: Funeral Suits - Eye Spy

At about the half way mark of 2009 let me remind you of the 'Sound of 2009' list that myself and Ronan from Swear I'm Not Paul blog published in January! The list of 10 acts are:

Aortal ...........[broke-up]
Armoured Bear ........[recording new album]
Laura Izibor ........ [about to conquer the world?]
Lines Drawing Circles ..... [out n about gigging]
Susan Enan ....... [debut recorded and out by end of year]
Television Room ....... [debut released]
Tenaka ........ [debut Ep out and gigging]
The Funeral Suits ....... [2 EP's & many headline gigs]
The Kanya Tree ......[hmmm not too sure!]
The Kinetiks ....... [EP released and lots of attention from the US]

Overall this still is a good list. I can still see Susan Enan being popular, Tenaka to release a strong debut and Armoured Bear to come out fighting with more great tunes.

However the bright star of the list is Funeral Suits [think they dropped the 'the' from their name!]

'Oh Dear' the debut EP from Funeral Suits included the track Black Lemonade which is a great tune. 'Eye Spy' has the difficult task of trying to better or equal the quality of the debut. The lead tune 'Start of the End' has a long intro before it crashes into a full band indie rock sound. There's an almost apocalyptic feel from the guitar chords and lyrics here. Just as I was getting into the industrial sound of the track it ends. 'Helsinki' has a near perfect guitar rift and strong vocals. 'Dani is Karl' is the hardest track on the EP with a booming bassline and crashing drums. 'Acid Happy' has acoustic rifts over guitar soundscapes in the style of Yo La Tengo's best tunes. Overall the vocals sound great, the tunes have great melodies and has an indie rock style somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and TV on the Radio.

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13 Jun 2009 20:00 Psycho Fest @ Twisted Pepper Dublin
18 Jun 2009 20:00 Roisin Dubh s/ Disconnect 4 Galway
20 Jun 2009 20:00 Clarence w/ Disconnect 4 Sligo
27 Jun 2009 15:00 Tower Records instore Dublin
27 Jun 2009 20:00 Twisted Pepper s/ Disconnect 4 Dublin
31 Jul 2009 20:00 Whelan’s s/Sickboy Dublin
2 Aug 2009 11:00 Le Cheile Festival Meath
8 Aug 2009 20:00 Whelan’s w/ Percolator & Lost Chord Dublin
25 Sep 2009 20:00 Bojangles s/ Ten Bears Manchester