The Pale - Proper Order [Album Review]

The Pale probably should have become a massive band in the early 90's due to their original and distinct qualities. I loved their early tunes but for whatever reason [financial probably!] I simply never got round to buying an album and only caught the band live for the first time in The Academy before Christmas.

The Pale released their 8th [or 9th depending on source!] studio album entitled Proper Order earlier this month. I have to admit that I am really enjoying Proper Order. It sounds exactly what a 'The Pale' album should sound like. We have strong vocals, quality thoughtful lyrics, mandolin infused melodies and simply a great set of tunes.

I love the first three tracks which deal with the realities of being in a band. There's the plight of being a support act, getting noticed by the local area and having to deal with advances and temptations. Proper Order then kicks into the 2008 single Chocolate Factory which is the best pop tune on the album. The rest of the album includes many references to modern Ireland with the lyrics becoming very subjective. 'Beauty in the Riot' for example creates for me many images of love, clarity, chaos and acceptance.

Proper Order is a consistently strong album if a little on the short side at just under 30 minutes! But hey I'm always told it's quality not length that's important! If like me you haven't got round to acquiring an album from 'The Pale', let me recommend you start with Proper Order.

The Pale - We Were First On

The Pale - Proper Order [9 out of 12]

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