Album Review - Alphastates 'Human Nature'

I think I'm beginning to get a good understanding of the different factors that shape journalistic opinions. I went to the album launch of 'Human Nature' and Alphastates were simply amazing live. Therefore this album will forever stimulate good feelings and memories of that gig which makes the album sound perfect!

'Human Nature' is the second album from Alphastates which contains ten tracks designed to transport you to a different plane! Alphastates merge the best of electronica, indie and dance with Catherine Dowling's delicate vocals to produce a sound which offers the listener something different and fresh. The lyrics can be pretty powerful as well on tracks such as the love story of 'Anywhere' and the beautiful closing tune 'Comfort in Silence'.

This album works so well as a complete work. Individually there may be a case that not one track stands out on it's own as a 'hit'. I think the band were a long time settling on a track list and running order for the album which has paid off here. 'Human Nature' is as compact an album as you are likely to hear. However it does sound better after you witness the band live!

Alphastates - Human Nature (10 out of 12)