My Top 50 Best Irish Artist List

Nialler has encouraged us all to make a list to help promote the best Irish music out there at the moment. For an hour yesterday and another hour or two this morning I thought about all the Irish artists I like at this moment in time. It's not an easy thing to do a list because I know I'm leaving out far too many good bands. However I'm happy to publish this list today as it defines what this blog is about and let's ya know what I think is great music in Ireland at this moment in time.

1. The Swell Season/Frames/Glen
2. Terry Sutton
3. Martin Finke
4. Pony Club
5. Lisa Hannigan
6. Iain Archer
7. Brain Canavan
8. Shaz Oye
9. Mark Dignam
10. I Am Not Lefthanded
11. Kiernan McMullan

12. Alphastates
13. The Guggenheim Grotto
14. Nick Kelly
15. Gemma Hayes
16. One Day International
17. Wallis Bird
18. My Brother Woody

19. The Gorgeous Colours
20. Damien Rice
21. Ham Sandwich
22. Angel Pier
23. Sinead O'Connor
24. Perry Blake
25. A Lazarus Soul
26. Susan Enan
27. Foy Vance

28. Bell X1
29. Bill Coleman
30. Mumblin' Deaf Ro
31. Declan DeBarra
32. Fred
33. Armoured Bear
34. Lunasa
35. Miss Paula Flynn
36. Colin Devlin
37. Oppenheimer
38. The Spook of the Thirteeth Lock

39. Mark Geary
40. Padraig Digan
41. Barry McCormack
42. The Hedge Schools
43. Damien Dempsey
44. David Kitt
45. Liam O'Maonai
46. Declan O'Rourke
47. Butterfly Explosion
48. Percolator
49. Groom
50. Emmet Scanlan & What The Good Thought

Got an opinion? Let me know!