Sunday's Seven Degrees of our Radio Debut

Tomorrow marks the start of my residence for Blogger of the Week on Break Thru Radio. It is a cross promotional week where my regular 2 U I Bestow features appear on the BTR website and I make the radio show Anatomy of a Blogger. This show is based on the musical influences of Mixtape4melfi and 2 U I Bestow blogs. Within the tracks chosen are international acts such as David Ford, Jaymay, The National and The Gutter Twins as well as the following Irish acts I have chosen. This radio broadcast will appear on Thursday and can be accessed for a week on ....

I'd love some feedback...good and bad!

Butterfly Explosion - Sophia MySpace

Oppenheimer - Cate Blanchett MySpace

La Rocca - This Life MySpace

Nina Hynes Universal MySpace

Simple Kid - A Song of Stone MySpace

Bill Coleman - The Pull of the Pint MySpace

Bell X1 - How Your Heart Is Wired MySpace