Iain Archer - To The Pine Roots Album Review

Iain Archer is an artist from Bangor, Northern Ireland, who was once a secondary lyricist within the indie band Snow Patrol and is basking in the royalties coming from co-writing Leoan Lewis' massive hit 'Run'. However don't let that fact put you off because Iain's music is a million suns away from that of Snow Patrol!

I think this is a great album. I can hear a worthy successor to Elliot Smith in the songs, melodies, tunings and lyrics. At 39 minutes in lenght and with 9 songs, 'To The Pine Roots' is a sweet delight of folky pop tunes which can either function as background music at home or full on attentive listening. The album includes 'That' stand-out track which gets the repeat treatment. Frozen Lake is five minutes of pure perfect love all wrapped up in a song.

Iain Archer - To The Pine Roots [10 out of 12]

If you happen to be discovering Iain Archer's brilliance now you will be happy to know there is a decent sized back catalogue to discover including the side-project 'The Reindeer Section'