Ruby Tuesday - I Am Not Lefthanded

I love bands with a female singer like The Plague Monkeys, Alphastates or The Chalets. Joining this list is the band 'I Am Not Lefthanded'. I cannot recommend them enough. The band are Kathryn - Vocals/Guitar, Daniel - Vocals/Bass and Benji - Drums and have relocated to the Uk to make big ripples in a larger pond. I love how they have Roddy Doyle as an influence on their MySpace. The introduction on their website is so good I'll have to paste it here:
"We don't play pop music, we don't write music for art's sake, we don't represent any movements, we're not hip, we're not cutting edge, we don't dress to be cool. We do manage ourselves, we write our own songs, we do our own recordings, we shoot our own videos, we design our own covers, we made our own website. We're not generally negative people - oh yes, and we're not lefthanded."

The single was released on their website as a free download and can be found here:

Long Goodbyes

Check out the links for more info:

I am not lefthanded - Endline (choose nothing)

forthcoming dates

20/02/09 - The Pavilion, Belfast
21/02/09 - The Sky Venue, Portlaoise
23/02/09 - Whelans (Upstairs), Dublin with support from blog favs Kitty & The Can Openers!