Monday Under The Covers - Perry Blake

I mentioned in my lists of the year a few weeks back that Perry Blake simply has to get the recognition he deserves in his home country in 2009. Perry is about to release his 8th studio album entitled "Folks Don't Know" and take it from me it's brilliant.

A concise little biography of Perry Blake is below from that wonderful resource wikipedia:

Perry is moderately successful in France where his debut went top 40 and he has been awarded a variety of songwriting awards. Remember that the French were the first to recognise the talents of my favourite international artists Jeff Buckley and Ben Harper. Perry's style is similar to that of Jack L and The Divine Comedy and his interpretation of other people's songs are amazing. Below is a live version of Diana Ross's I'm Still Waiting from his live album entitled Broken Statues.

Perry Blake - I'm Still Waiting

Go forth and explore the world of Perry Blake!

Perry Blake - Folks Don't Know

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