Irish Bands on YouTube - Irish Music Central

Irish Music Central is the mecca of databases for anyone interested in Irish Music. The site has a huge amount of information about the cream of Irish artists with approximately 50 featured artists having an individual mini-site consisting of pictures, bios, videos, mp3s and links.

A Small Selection of MP3's from the site:

The Radio - Remember Me

The Plague Monkeys - Short-Cut

Bell X1 - Slowset [Live]

Republic of Loose - Ignition [R Kelly]

I have noticed a decline in activity on the main site. However the Irish Music Central YouTube Channel is flourishing with a recent upload of 7 music videos from The Devlins.

The Devlins - Almost Made You Smile

The YouTube Channel consists of 223 [and counting...] Irish Music video clips. The Best of these include:

Mark Geary - Fanfare

Berkeley - New Star

Emmett Tinley - Snow Dome