Sunday's Seven Degrees of 2008

I have just done the now traditional best of the year mixtape (cd) for my neice and our good friend in the UK. It wasn't an easy task this year trying to fit everything into 70 minutes. I think 2008 was a great year for Irish music. You can argue that there wasn't a 'Joshua Tree' or 'Live and Dangerous' to be seen but the sheer volume of really good albums was encouraging. Remember to support the artists by visiting their MySpace, catching them live and buying their albums.

Best of 2008 Mixtape

1. The Coronas - Heroes or Ghosts
2. The Blizzards - Trust Me I'm a Doctor
3. Ham Sandwich - Words
4. Gemma Hayes - Home
5. Heathers - Remember When?
6. One Day International - Little Death
7. The Guggenheim Grotto - Her Beautiful Ideas
8. Fred - Keep Me Clear
9. Lisa Hannigan - Ocean and a Rock
10. Jape - Phil Lynott
11. Pony Club - To Tell The Truth
12. Oppenheimer - Look Up
13. Duke Special - Sweet Sweet Kisses
14. Armoured Bear - Imagination
15. Susan Enan ft Sarah McLachlin - Bring On The Wonder
16. The Gorgeous Colours - Miss You
17. The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock - The Hare
18. Colm Mac Con Iomaire - Time Will Tell
19. Terry Sutton - The Laughter

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