Music Highlight of the Year

This is a Mixtape4melfi repost written about the Saturday I had at the Hot Press Music Show in the RDS.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to spend the day at the Hot Press Music Show in the RDS. Over this weekend it was a convention to showcase the best of Irish music, the best music stockists, record companies, seminars, galleries etc etc! This weeks themed mix celebrates the best of the weekend's music.

First up and nearly an hour late were The Blizzards. The band is adored in Ireland mainly by teens who have expanded their definition of a pop band. They make good songs and have a great front man. My hope is that people see them as more than a Scouting For Girls or Script copycat when they try to break into the UK market next year.

The Blizzards - Dangerous Bitches


Next up with a short three song set was Declan O'Rourke. When Declan appeared around five years ago he charmed his listeners with beautifully written songs and a wonderful voice. I have seen Declan three times live and the man is master of his trade. The difficult second album wasn't great. His debut is still a favourite in my household. His set was Big Bad Beautiful World, Galilao and Your World.


Cathy Davey is another brilliant Irish artist who is busy conquering Irish hearts at present. She has sung on an Elbow album and contributed backing vocals for Lisa Hannigan and Automata. Cathy's debut a few years ago got her noticed but her second album Tales of the Silversleeve written on drums beats initially which has propelled her to near super stardom in Ireland.

Cathy Davey - Cannonballs


Ham Sandwich from Kells in Co. Meath were the act of the day yesterday. I caught a few minutes of their acoustic set before they went to the live area for an electric set. They were a great laugh during the sound check. Amazing set of five songs. At the end Podge threw a drumstick into the crowd and got an old dude in the eye! It was hilarious. The guy was fine....still laughed my ass off!

Ham Sandwich - Keepsake


Ham Sandwich - Words live from The Village

I caught a few minutes of an acoustic from The Aftermath. Their debut album Friendlier Up Here is a good album and signals great things for the future for the band.


The final act I seen was Fionn Regan. When Fionn released the EP Reservoir a few years back I thought it was brilliant and we had a real talent here. The mercury music prize nominee has not produced the music his raw talent suggests. However the demos on his MySpace hints at a great second album! Time will tell.

Fionn Regan - Resevoir


Fionn Regan - Put a Penny in a Slot

Sunday's artists include Jaded Sun, The Coronas, Republic of Loose and Damien Dempsey.

Republic of Loose - Comeback Girl


Jaded Sun - Stay With Me [whelans]