Irish Album of the Year - Pony Club

I love the fact that music is such a subjective thing. I don't do reviews on this blog for the reason that I don't want to write negatively about any form of subjective art. With music, I believe most people listen to music which reflects their position in life. It is a rare thing to find that album. The album that you believe was written just for you in the exact moment in time. In the past I think Pearl Jam's Ten, Katell Keineg's O Seasons, O Castles and Mark Dignam's Poetry & Songs from the Wheel are the albums which spoke to me personally. In this period of time Post Romantic for me is this album. Mark Cullen writes witty social urban tales of love and life. The lyrics are commentaries of society from a working class perspective. In a recent review in State magazine the reviewer simply didn't understand the social perspective of the album. Post Romantic is like a musical equivalent of the Channel 4 series Shameless in so far as it respects and celebrates the social context of the working class without being patronising. A perfect album in this moment of time.

What Are You Angry For? [Last song on Post Romantic]

Single [From debut album Home Truths, number 17 in my Top 100]

Driving Home For Christmas [Chris Rea cover]

Post Romantic Lyrics

I Still Feel The Same

The World Didn't End