Terry Sutton Stags Head 7th December - Repost

Copied from sister site Mixtape4melfi:

"Terry Sutton was a revalation this week in Ruby Sessions. How has he not become successful? His voice is strong, songwriting is amazing, and his image is excellent. If your a fan of Damian Rice, Glen Hansard, Paddy Casey watch out for a Terry Sutton album in the near future!"

Terry is performing with Padraig Digan in the Stags Head on 7th December. Entry is just a fiver!

Terry kindly allowed me to host a sample mp3 called The Laughter. I can honestly admit with no bull that this song has been on repeat on my laptop since I got it. It's a beautiful melodic tune with strong lyrics that stands up against anything released by the established singer-songwriter genre. I can't recommend this track enough. I'm even going to say it's the best song I have heard this year.

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