Interview: The Blood Red Mountain Band

Formed in a cellar during a howling storm, The Blood Reds have been popping up at festivals all over Ireland for the last couple of years. Singer Mark introduces us to The Blood Red Mountain Band
1.     Who are you?
Mark Flynn, from the Blood Red Mountain band.  Guitarist, singer and songwriter.  The Blood Reds are a 5 piece Alt Country band.

2.     Where are you based?
We’re based in Dublin, but we tend to end up at the far ends of the country a fair bit

3.    What achievements do you want me to know about?
We just released our first single ‘All The Times’ and it went to number 1 in the iTunes Country Charts.  A few years ago we won the Best Musical Group award from the national festival association- AOIFE; a film we did music for won a few awards. That’s all cool, but playing for people as much as possible is the achievement we strive for most.  Oh and we finally finished our album, which will be out in September.

4.    What are you up to now?
Putting the planning in for our album release, we’re going to play a couple of shows during the Summer, but September/October sees the serious touring happening.

5.    Name something unique about you or/and your product?
People generally talk about the standard of our vocals- all five of us sing and we love getting that wall of sound going with the vocals.  Also our use of fiddle as our ‘lead guitar’ really stands out.  It’s great to believe in yourselves, but I truly think we have some of the best musicians in the country (I’m still playing catch up)  The songwriting’s pretty decent though! J

6.    Tell us about a song/album/artist who changed your life.
Thin Lizzy’s Borderline made me realise I was born for country music and I fell in love with the fiddle on Fisherman’s Blues.  (Joeby and Sarah May asked me to add- Japan and Marty Robbins respectively)

7.    Have you found any unsung heroes recently? If so tell us about them.

JP Kallio is a great lad. Brilliant musician and songwriter, but he also spends a lot of time helping other people through his blog- check him out at

8.     What are your future plans?
Releasing the album in the autumn, tour, visit lovely places (with my fishing rod too) meet deadly people. Play lots and lots of music.  You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Youtube, all the usual places.  We also have a blog on Wordpress were we talk about stuff we personally like.

9.   Where can I spend money on you or your product?
You can buy our current single ‘All The Times’ on iTunes at

We’re also playing in The Harbour Bar in Bray on the 13th June

10. Last question, ...... Make Us Laugh
Growing up in Darndale as a musician is tough enough, the kids on the corner slag the hell out of you- ‘Elvis’ and ‘hippy’ are the standard (if a little unimaginative), but we’ve also been called ‘scientists’ and the strangest one- ‘perverts’.  Odd kids around here!  Also- Joeby’s been bitten by dogs 8 times!