First Fortnight Co-Motion Playlist by Peter Nagle

First Fortnight Co-Motion Playlist by Peter Nagle


A musical walking experience

St. Stephen’s Green | Jan 4 @ 2.00pm | Free

This new First Fortnight event is about you sharing a four song playlist of life changing positive songs while walking around the grounds of St. Stephen's Green. If you are paired up with me these are the songs you'll hear:

Whipping Boy - We Don't Need Nobody Else

From the awesome 'Heartworm' album, this song got me through the mid to late identity finding teenage years. 

Ani DiFranco - Untouchable Face

I adore around 50% of everything Ani DiFranco releases and could easily have chosen 20 or 30 songs for this playlist. I chose this particular 'break-up' tune because of the gritty determination of Ani to keep going despite all the heartbreak.

Dr. Millar - Feel Everything & Love Yourself

Written after his last therapy session, this song should be considered a manual for positive well being. 

Ben Harper - I Will Not Be Broken

The song to get me through a recent hard time in my professional career. Oh and if you've never heard of Ben Harper do check out the album 'Fight For Your Mind' first.