EP Review: Deco Greene - Breathe

'Breathe' is a really solid four track EP from flourishing Dublin troubadour Deco Greene. 
Worth checking out.

There's a lovely almost nostalgic feeling I get while listening to Deco Greene's delicate debut EP entitled 'Breathe'. It could well be that the EP would fit in very well in the Irish music scene ten years ago that was built from the success of Damien Rice, Mundy, Glen Hansard and the like. However, as we all know singer-songwriters are less ridiculed these days and more importantly the good ones are very difficult to find. 'Breathe' pushes Deco Greene into the spotlight with four well written mature tunes that deserve to be heard by the masses.

The title track is simply gorgeous. Backed by the right amount of strings it's a very positive, re-affirming track that I'd listen to time and time again ..........

The other three songs are solid enough tunes which supports the title track fairly well to complete the EP. 'Release' has a more full band pop feel which ups the tempo of the EP. Ballad 'Love Crime' trickles along nicely and showcases Deco's fine vocals. The album closer fails to come close to the quality of Release or Breathe but is a relatively solid enough end to a good EP.

Deco Greene - Breath [9 out of 12]