EP Review: Blackbird - Wishing Well

'Wishing Well' is the debut EP from New York based Irish act 'Blackbird' and it's a release of four songs that I adore. 

You know a song is special when It rotates around your head keeping you awake after just a few listens. I also judge songs in my home when I hear my boys singing along to the tune and in both cases the title track of the debut EP had that effect on us. 'Wishing Well' is catchy, sentimental, atmospheric and radio friendly and more importantly makes me excited about music produced from Irish artists. Check out the track here:

An EP with one great track is a decent EP but 'Wishing Well' has four great tunes on it. Next to the title track 'Always Running' really impresses with a nod to the influence of late 60's era Beatles pop.

Between the opening title track and 'Always Running', the track 'Falling Star' is another fine song showcasing the pleasant vocals of Paul Hourican while the EP concludes with a short no frills piano based track called 'Zebra Days'.

'Wishing Well' is the best EP I've reviewed this year while the title track is the best song from an Irish artist I've heard this year. This EP is whetting my appetite for the future album release from 'Blackbird'.

Blackbird - Wishing Well [11 out of 12]