Album Review: Eoin Glackin - Rain Finally Came

'Rain Finally Came' is the brilliant second album from Dubliner Eoin Glackin. It's a well thought out collection of songs with expressive lyrics, passionate vocals and plenty of catchy melodies. 

Eoin Glackin is a singer-songwriter from Dublin who has performed all over Ireland in the last five or six years and 'Rain Finally Came' is his second album available from March 15th. I've really enjoyed listening to the album this last week. It has passionate  and intense vocals that at times reminds me of Adam Duritz from Counting Crows but on other songs there's the powerful delivery associated with someone like Damien Dempsey. Most importantly for me 'Rain Finally Came' is full of well written songs with a number of them massively impressing me.

Songs that shine through include the title track, 'Last Night in this Town' and the brilliant 'Ninja Turtles (With The Wind). Mrs Campbell is a tune about the shooting of an innocent plumber around six years ago in Dublin. It's actually a well intentioned song that shines a light on a horrible event with lyrics that gets to the core of the issues. Another song that stands out is the Frank Turner-esque 'New World Blue':

'Rain Finally Came' has a good mix of folk/rock tracks, radio friendly catchy tunes as well as slower traditional singer-songwriter style tracks. The inclusion of violin played by Aisling Bridgeman on the majority of the songs raises the tracks above the ordinary and gives an extra dimension to the sound. In fact it's the slower paced singer-songwriter style tracks that lets the album down a little as Eoin's voice is better suited to delivering intense messages such as on 'Mrs Campbell' or on 'Dancing Anymore'.

Eoin Glackin - Rain Finally Came [10 out of 12]