Album Review: The Lost Brothers - The Passing of the Night

This is the second album review for 'The Lost Brothers' I've written on the blog in the space of 10 months and it's more of the same lovely charming tales which ignites nostalgia and warmth throughout. 

After extensively touring Ireland and the UK this year as well as touching base in the US as special guests of Glen Hansard on his current tour it should be the case that The Lost Brothers style of charming vocal harmonies and old time melodies are well known to you. 'The Passing of the Night' follows swiftly from their 2011 album 'So Long, John Fante' where the band keep to the same format and style. I would recommend you check out 'So Long, John Fante' before moving to 'The Passing of the Night' as it contains more songs that stand-out.

On 'The Passing of the Night' the charm offensive is up to the max. 'Tumbling Line' is my favourite track on the album with it's jazzy piano and whistling melody. The album begins in fine style with 'Not Now Warden' which is a prison song of loss. The folkier side of 'The Lost Brothers' come to the fore on the song 'Widowmaker' while the single 'Now That The Night Has Come' is a great song with a wonderful lead acoustic solo over rhythm guitar.

My big problem with 'The Passing of the Night' is that I'm not sure if I like the album for it's musical and lyrical attributes of because the sound is full of old time nostalgia. If nostalgia is something you long for then 'The Lost Brothers' is the perfect band. If the tracks on 'The Passing of the Night' were more meaningful then I'd be shouting it's praises from the blog. As it stands, if you want to pass the night I'd suggest you go to 'So Long, John Fante' instead.

The Lost Brothers - The Passing of the Night [9 out of 12]

Oh and 'The Passing of the Night' was produced by Brendan Benson!