Top 50 - Part 1 [46 - 50]

Here's the top 50 acts in Ireland according to my humble tastes. The list acts as a guide to the music which excites me at this moment in time. It excludes bands not currently working in Ireland or who have been dormant for some time. So in basic terms here's a list of bands to watch out for on a random night in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Dundalk etc ....

50. Heritage Centre

Alternative pop band Heritage Centre released a new single this year 'Don't You Ever Give Up On Yourself' and it's full of inspirational messages.

49. Seamus Fogarty

I caught Seamus live at last year's Spirit of Folk and I got really into his songs. His album 'God Damn You Mountian' has just been released on Fence Records which I'm really looking forward to hearing.

48. The Man Whom

I seen The Man Whom a few years back with the songs being a work in progress. However I've recently given his debut album 'The Greatest Event' a proper listen and there's some really great songs on there. One of them is this free download of 'Sing Till There's No Songs Left'.

47. SJ McArdle

Drogheda's SJ McArdle is a fine singer and songwriter who released a really impressive album 'Blood & Bones' last year. A highlight for me was this track 'Personal Space'.

46. Allie Bradley

Derry's Allie Bradley has a wonderful voice and an ability to write thoughtful and soulful songs to match anyone out there in Ireland. A wonderful talent.

Part 2 tomorrow!