List: Top 50 [45 - 41]

This is part 2 of my rundown of the Best 50 Irish Acts out there at this moment in time.

50. Clockwork Noise
49. The P Affection
48. The Elective Orchestra/Nick Carswell
47. TKO
46. Pete Courtney

45. Friend?

Friend? is one of the few bands on the list which I haven't as yet seen live. This will change tomorrow when I go to The Button Factory to see the band with three other fine bands at 'Where The Mugic Happens'. There's a valid question in 'Do we need another post rock instrumental band?' and the answer is when they produce music as good as this then yes! The violin for me makes all the difference with Friend?

44. EleventyFour

EleventyFour sneaks into the Top 50 on the back of her recent EP 'The Joy Formidable'. The songs are funny sweet little pop songs which are brimming with charm.

I'm looking forward to how EleventyFour follows up this EP as I feel an album would need songs a bit more substantial and varied to make an impact. This EP is a great start though.

43. Norabelle

Norabelle writes music that's almost too good for the Irish market. They need to bring their sound further afield so that they can get the recognition for their musicianship, vocals and song writing. Norabelle are a wonderful band.

Video by

42. Mark Black /with The Roots Orchestra /with The Trips

Mark Black is one of the most talented musicians and songwriters in the country. His style of bluesy rock may not be to everyone's taste but I love it. His new band called 'Mark Black & The Trips' are releasing an album next month which I'm looking forward to hearing.

Mark Black & The Roots Orchestra - Faint Hearted by 2uibestow

41. Fox. E & The Good Hands

Eimear Fox and her band The Good Fight are a talented bunch of people. The band blew me away with their style, funky attitude and wonderful tunes. I can't wait to see the band again live and to hear more music from them into the future.

Sunday's Whore by Fox.E and the Good Hands