Peter Doran Invades 2UIBestow [Part 4]

Peter Doran is a Mullingar singer and songwriter of immense talent who is in the process of releasing his second album entitled "Sleepless Street". Check out for more details. This week I'm delighted that Peter has agreed to be the guest blogger.

My relationship with Football

Aside from Music, one of my other major loves would be sport. To be more accurate : Football. When I was younger I was very eager, and I would have called myself a Manchester United fan.

I don't know exactly when it was but I can remember players like Cantona, Hughes, Ince, Bruce and Giggs all being major players at the time.

At some point in my teenage years music cut into my life in a big way and took centre stage and all of my attention. I became oblivious to almost everything and my sporting life was put on hold. I didn't watch and I certainly didn't play... I went many years without so much as a glance at the beautiful game! It's only in the last few years that I re found my love for it.

Both my Father and younger brother are long-term Tottenham Hotspur fans. This proved to be my route back into the world of football. It started innocently at first, and then before I knew it I was completely possessed and shouting my lungs out with 36,000 other lunatics in White Hart Lane (Spurs home ground in London).

It always amazes me how people become so attached to a sport and a team. We get totally infatuated and invested in the whole affair. Much like following a band or musician. You're always waiting for new song/albums/tours etc. With Football you're just as eager for the next game / result / transfer rumour etc. But it's much more of a roller coaster ride with sport I find...

When you're totally hooked. Your nerves are torn to shreds, the highs are spectacular and the lows are sickening. But this is what we sign up for. I for one can't wait to go through it all again.

Roll on the new Season!