Arthur's Day - New Artists Announced

.... I want to blog Guinness Just Fuck Off

.... but that would be childish and well there really is nothing better than a pint of plain ....

I really dislike the way these 'Our Thursday' gigs are going. I can only imagine how soul destroying it must be for an artist or band to get kicked out of the competition because you didn't bring enough mates and family with you! Especially if you get knocked out to a band that is shite!

Anyway it's a recession and Guinness want their product sold and look after their interests while apparently giving new bands a helping hand ......

St James's Gate

Bands: Snow Patrol, Guinness Our Thursdays Finalist plus very special guests

Tickets: €10

Studio Venues

The six larger official Arthur's Day Studio venues will showcase an exclusive named Arthur's Day line up of several bands and artists.

Folan Quay, Galway Harbour

Bands: Newton Faulkner, Magic Numbers, Sharon Shannon, Guinness Our Thursdays Finalist plus very special guests

Tickets: €10

Wow The Magic Numbers must have shares in Guinness for them to be playing for a second year running .... or maybe this is the only way they'll ever play a sold out gig?

The Savoy, Cork

Bands: Paolo Nutini, KT Tunstall, The View, Slow Club, O Emperor and Our Thursdays Finalist

Tickets: €10

Waterford's fine band O Emperor

The Academy, Dublin

Bands: Brandon Flowers, Plan B, Jose Gonzales, Eliza Doolittle plus very special guests

Tickets: €10

The Olympia, Dublin

Bands: Carbon/Silicon, Our Thursdays Finalist plus very special guests

Tickets: €10

Vicar Street, Dublin

Bands: The Maccabees, The Hoosiers, Fortune plus very special guests

Tickets: €10

The Village, Dublin

Bands: Kelis, Tinie Tempah, Example, We Have Band plus very special guests

Tickets: €10

You do have to take your hat off to the PR department in Guinness. What an excellent line-up!

To Arthur for 251 years!


Ronan said…
Nice bitchy post Peter. I love it.

The line-up looks good though.
Anonymous said…
Couldn't agree more. we got like 2 days notice that we were playing for sure in the first heat, against what turned out to be a covers band, and as described, couldn't really rustle enough mates ready to travel about 60km to the venue in that space of time. They offered us "wildcard" status to appear again this week - again with 2 days notice - with no pun intended, "piss-up" and "brewery" come to mind...