10 Best Irish Songs of 2010 so far!

I'm shutting up shop until at least July 10th and I decided I'd leave with a mix of the best 10 songs I've heard this year from Irish artists.

1. Resurrection Fern - Brothers

I seen Bean Dolan aka Resurrection Fern support The Jukebox Gypsys in Boyles a few weeks back when he played this beautifully written tune. The lyrics are deep and the harmonies are so majestic especially at the end of the track.

Resurrection Fern - Brothers by 2uibestow


2. Anthony Furey The Young Folk - Sad Day

Anthony Furey's debut album will be in my top 10 of the year. It's an honest album of simple but effective tunes. Sad Day is a great opening track.

Anthony Furey & The Young Folk - Sad Day by 2uibestow


3. Burning Codes - Can You Hear The Sound

The Burning Codes album is superb and needs to be checked out. Here's the best track from the album!

Burning Codes - Can You Hear The Sound by 2uibestow


4. El Hombre Jokes - Just Don't Get Along

El Hombre Jokes are a great band with really great tunes. I love their sound and their ambition. This band will make it!

EL Hombre Jokes - Just Don't Get Along by 2uibestow


5. Bellajane - Egg Shells

I regularly listen to Bellajane's debut EP entitled No Strings. The vocals are great and the songs are quality.

Bellajane - Egg Shells by 2uibestow


6. Eric Eckhart - Lost

American born Eric Eckhart who is now Berlin based released a fine debt album this year. Much of the album was written while Eric was living here. Here's a brilliant radio friendly song which needs to be listened to!

Lost by Eric Eckhart


7. Fiach - Stop

'Stop' is my favourite track from Fiachs fine debut album released earlier this year.

Fiach - Stop by 2uibestow


8. The Dirty 9s - Trouble

The Dirty 9's are one of the best bands I've had the pleasure of seeing live this year. While I didn't fully connect with their debut album I love this album closer.

The Dirty 9s - Trouble by 2uibestow


9. Keith Mullins - Mistake

Out of all the new albums I've heard this year I think I've listend to Keith Mullins' album more than any other. It's a great collection of Americana tracks. I had 'Mistakes' playing in my head no spot for a week!

Keith Mullins - Mistakes by 2uibestow


10 Reader's Wives - Eyes Like a Hutu

I really love the attitude of this song taken from the recent EP Victor's Mother Juliet by Reader's Wives.

Reader's Wives - Eyes Like A Hutu by 2uibestow


BRB ..... July 10th


Ronan said…
Oooh, fantastic list Peter. There's some stuff on here I really must check out.