Mixtape4Melfi invades 2uibestow [Part 4]

This week on the blog I'm bringing the best posts from my first blog 'Mixtape4Melfi' over to 2uibestow. With the IMRO thing I've decided to delete that first blog altogether from the internet archives!

I wrote my first post on Mixtape4Melfi on the first of March. As part of the special posts for St. Patrick's Day I wrote three special posts:

For St. Patricks Day 2008 I posted three Irish artists related posts:

Post 1

We have about a week to go until all Irish around the world sing to their hearts content about the wonders of our culture, history and its people. Our cultural unity is very strong. Our history as a people is drilled into us all by our elders and the textbooks. Our people own a sense of unity about their culture that is rare these days. Already I noticed a few St Paddys layouts on Myspace!

Post 2: The Pogues, Mark Dignam and Damien Rice

With just a few days to go to the St paddys day celebration I posted two tunes for your listening pleasure.

The first is a collaboration between Sinead O'Connor and Shane McGowen of the Pogues. The song is called Haunted and its a love song sung beautifully by Sinead and accompanied by Shane distinct gravelly voice. The song first appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Sid and Nancy!


Damien Rice's Rootless tree off his album of 2006 called "9". I love this tune and the CD. Alot of fans have turned away from him due to this CD but for me it was a return to the Damien Rice that was the frontman with Juniper in the mid 90s.

For tonights post I'm gonna talk about 2 Irish artists who should have got more international acclaim and recognition. The first is a band called The Fat Lady Sings. They were formed in Dublin in the late 1980s and realeased two wonderful albums, Twist 1990, and Johnson 1993. The band’s second album “Johnson”, produced by Steve Osborne was preceded by the single “Show Of Myself”. The second single from the album, “Drunkard Logic” gave the band their highest ever chart placing in the UK, just falling short of the Top 40. The band once more threw themselves into a punishing 6 months of touring, culminating in a 3 month US stint that ended with a storming pre-Christmas show in New York punk mecca CBGBs. In January 1994, the band split with Nick Kelly’s surprise announcement that he was quitting.


Nick Kelly has since realeased two albums independantly without a record lable. He has also gone into directing advertisments including the following Guiness advert:

The next artist I posted a tune from in the colours mix! The prayer Boats "POLICHINELLE," is a collection of exquisitely crafted songs, marked by the Irish band's evocative acoustic-based musical backdrops and songwriter Emmett Tinley's astonishing vocals. Clear and pure and true, Tinley's urgent tenor is a magnificently resonant instrument, a voice which sends shivers up the spine and sweeps the heart away. "POLICHINELLE" is a true gem, a brilliantly multi-faceted work which already has the feel of something timeless. This song Saved is their second single from the CD!