Bill Coleman Invades 2UIBestow

Here's part 1 of a series of guest posts from the wonderful Bill Coleman who's in London this week playing a few gigs and making friends!

Notes on planning a trek into the heart of deepest, darkest England.

Hello everybody, my name is Bill Coleman and I make music with a guitar and a laptop and some loops and various other bits and pieces and this week I'll be your guest blogger on 2 U I Bestow.

I'm invading England this week, which is always fun. While I'm there I'll be playing a few tunes and also, hopefully, volcano allowing, cheering on herself as she runs (or as she'd say herself, shuffles) the London marathon. Thankfully I don't have to worry about the volcano myself as I'm on the ferry.

I've spent today getting things ready for the jaunt. Making sure I have all the necessaries, sample list follows:

Packed lunch - a rightfully time-honoured Irish tradition I was introduced to on trips to various All-Irelands. Nothing like some tae and sangidges from the back of the car. I believe I have some chicken salad numbers with me, and obviously there's the oranges and bananas and a dodgy modern edition the red bovine (or cheap Lidl replacement) energy drink.

I'll be able to pick up tea in England, but it never seems the same for some reason. They pronounce it differently and all...

Sat Nav - I drove around London once without a Sat Nav. Never again. Trying to read a tattered A to Z somewhere in the middle of Camden with what seems like half the city beeping their horns at you isn't an experience I'd care to repeat.

Tunes - vital, obviously. I'm very chuffed with myself as I've got Spotify on my mobile phone and am loving the offline playlisting capability. I know. It's sad, isn't it... Bit of Elliott Smith in there, bit of the old Drowned in Sound randomness. That's not sad, is it!? Well, Elliott Smith is sad, but in a different way of course...

Pillow - comes in VERY handy on the Ferry. Particularly when the ferry leaves at 2:15am. I'm looking forward to three hours of kip as I've been on my feet all day. Need my beauty sleep!

Sleeping destinations - I always like to know which friends couch I'm sleeping on for the first few days at least. You could just wing it I suppose, that might be more rock and roll, but I like to have that kind of detail sorted out in advance.

Layers - that coat you have for deepest, darkest winter is going to be a useful garment in Hoylhead at 5 in the morning.

More soon - "Adventures on the Motorway"