Bill Coleman Invades 2UIBestow [Part 5]

Friday and Saturday - The Deep Breath Before the Marathon Plunge

First, the random and bizarre. No Dougall, it's not really a "near, and far away" thing. See, these are actually tulip half-pint glasses, next to a normal size tulip pint-glass, all obviously filled with lovely, creamy Guinness.

Friday was Georges day over here in Ingerland. They don't seem to take it as seriously as we take Paddys Day, but there were some flags and bunting out and whatnot. No sign of the Thames being dyed red, white and blue though.

My main mission was to see what could be done with the aforementioned Macbook. Good news and bad news on that front. The bad news being that it's logic board is faulty. They cost about €700 to buy from what I can make out. You'll understand that I'm pretty happy that this is covered by Apple, so I just have to fork out for someone to take the faulty one out and put the new one in. Bit of a relief! I had visions of me throwing it in the bin!

That done, part ordered and so forth I headed town-wards for the evening.

Managed to bag an iTunes sale from the pub. God bless our hyperconnected world, that someone can browse the web from the comfort of their bar stool and make me 50p richer in the process.

I'm in good company! Good man Johnny!

Herself arrived over on Saturday and we spent the day chuntering around London, getting her registered for the marathon (link: and catching up with friends. Herself headed off to leaba-land early enough while I ended up back at base in Clapham singing songs until 2 in the morning.

Good job I'm not running the marathon...

"Aaaaaaannnnnd the 'aul triiiiiiiiiannnngllleeeeeeee...."

And so on and so forth...