The Prayer Boat re-release Polichinelle

This arrived in my inbox yesterday!

"We are happy to finally announce the re-release of The Prayer Boat’s classic album Polichinelle.

It is 10 years since the album was first commercially released and to celebrate Polichinelle is being reissued as a special 10 Year Anniversary Edition.
The album was released sporadically over a four year period on different labels with different versions, mixes, track listings and artwork.

However, this edition goes back to the very first version which was initially only available at Prayer Boat concerts.

It has been remastered and the original artwork updated to include new sleeve notes by some of those involved in the making of the record.

It will first be released in Ireland exclusively through Independent Records and further releases will follow in The Netherlands and the US. We are also looking to reissue the album in those other countries where it was previously released; UK, France, Spain and Denmark

It is already available as a digital download from all the main digital retailers through Feudal Records in Los Angeles.

We are also happy to announce that Emmett will be performing the album (plus other material) with a full band at a select number of venues.

The first concert will be in Whelans, Dublin on Wednesday, 14th October.
We can also announce a concert at Paradiso, Amsterdam on 20th December.
We’ll keep you informed as other dates are confirmed."

I'll be there as Polichinelle is my favourite Irish album ever!


Ronan said…
Now this is great news.
Greenlinnet said…
Any idea WHEN the U.S. release will be? Also, Emmett used to have a few songs on his myspace page for download that are no longer there. I think they were songs that didn't make Attic Faith. Are they available for purchase/download?
michael said…
Beautiful new album by Emmett Tinley (singer of The Prayer Boat) out now in Benelux, October 24 2011!